Lucrecia Suárez, LCSW


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Lucrecia Suarez, LCSW

Lucrecia Suárez is an immigrant psychologist form Venezuela. She obtained the Licensiada en Psicologia degree at Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela in 1988 and her Master in Social Work at Portland State University in 1992.

Her professional passion has been in multicultural counseling and individual, collective and intergenerational trauma healing. She founded Conexiones in 1999 and has dedicated her career to provide, supervise and design multicultural counseling  and trauma healing programs, with emphasis on the needs of Latinos children, adults, couples and families.

From 2006-2012 she directed the design, supervision and training of students in the Latino-Bilingual Track at the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University. She is currently adjunct faculty at the School of Social Work at Portland State University, and continues to train students through the Conexiones’s Training Program.

In March 2010, Lucrecia received the Social Work of the Year Award by the National Association of Social Workers, Oregon Chapter.


Lucrecia Suarez, LCSW –  Oregon NASW Social Work of the Year Award

Acceptance Speech at the NASW Oregon Chapter Conference Award Ceremony, March 2010

“I want this award to celebrate the work of many who in the last 19 years have make efforts to multiply culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health and wellness services to Latinos in Oregon”

I want this award to recognize the difficult challenges minority and/or bilingual/bicultural social workers have to phase when attempting to support the healing of many in minority communities. They find little resources and support [...].

I want this award to celebrate those who guide emerging minority leaders and those leaders who despite of lack of social and economic privileges and connections find their way to continue the vision.

I want this award to also recognize those who support us, social workers, in our daily lives [...]

“I want this award to embrace the vision of the Center for Trauma Recovery at Conexiones [...] where services, research and teaching will come together to create integrative models to respond to the healing of individual, collective, multigenerational traumas in the Latino and other communities[...]”

“I want this award to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Conexiones [...]”

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